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  • Alu-Fiend

    *Background:* The product of successful procreation between a succubus and a male mortal (mostly humans). Females are, generally, attractive or beautiful, going to great lengths at times to conceal their needle-like teeth and diminuitive wings. They …

  • Mecha-Zombies

    *Background:* Little is known about the mysterious, gear-powered undead that lurk beneath Castle Mosshold. Larger than typical humanoid Zombies, these mechanical beasts are body parts bound together by technological ingenuity. Human flesh, brass, iron, …

  • Dretch

    *Background:* Dretches are among the weakest of demons -- repulsive, self-loathing creatures doomed to spend eternity in a state of perpetual discontent. Their low intelligence makes Dretches unsuitable for anything but the simplest tasks. However, what …

  • Jelly, Ochre

    *Background:* *Encountered:* Mosshold; in the subterranean levels of Castle Mosshold. *Slain:* 1 IMAGE (if applicable) [[Creatures and Encounters | Creatures and Encounters]]

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