20 years later.

The Age of Heroes has passed. The Champions of the Stars have scattered, disappeared or met their final end. Their progeny find themselves at a crossroads, follow in the footsteps of their storied mothers and fathers, or take a more sinister turn?

Prologue: Zemilay Lyks, one of the fabled Champions of the Stars, awakens at Pimpleton Manor, the clatter of George Pimpleton working hard in the kitchen downstairs fills the morning air. Zemilay sighs softly and reaches for his staff, these days used for walking instead of combat. His sleep has been troubled now for the last week. He thinks back to his sacred grove just a few nights past, as he laid down to rest. Suddenly an insistent knock upon the door dispelled the quiet. Apparently, the ranger’s safeguards and animal companions had somehow been bypassed. He grunted as he forced open the large door, which creaked open forebodingly. A young girl, a seer, stood before him. Before he could even speak, she assailed him with a rambling prophecy of great peril. The Druid simply slammed the door in her face. “Damned unwanted guests”, he thought as he headed back up to bed. Zemilay’s sleep was unkind that evening and thoughts of woe filled him as he awoke. His companion Xanti, a most accomplished oracle in her own right, stirred in the bed next to him. “I saw it too”, the beautiful but aging fortune teller volunteered. “I’ll start packing things and send word to Trisoll to meet us in Greyhawk.” “Damn it!”, thought the druid, “I’ve earned my peace…How much is enough?” Zemilay clears his head of the past as he makes his way downstairs, pondering just how much things have changed and the weight of the duty he now carries….

“The children will be here soon”, he thinks.