The Legacy of Heroes

A Day at the Games


Grum continues with Thurmin training for the next 3 days. Knowing Thurmin’s true agenda, Grum is indifferent and waits to play his hand to see how his agenda develops. Thurmin doesn’t press the matter of insurrection beyond the night of the bazaar. He instead takes him through his trial runs in preparation for the games.

Moira spends one of three days cloistered in the church of Cortox, praying for guidance. Trisoll spends his remaining three days in Greyhawk wandering, enjoying the city he lives in.

After Thom’s competition, Trisoll visits Lyssa.
“What do you want?”
“I think it’s late and you’ve been drinking what do you want?”
“I have but my dad… he’s pretty pissed. He feels disrespected and… he’s just trying to help you—“
“Trying to help me?”
“I’m better now, I’m fine.”
“Ok… well, yeah. Well, I’ll tell my dad you’re ok. I don’t know if you’re still against physical contacts like hugs but… yeah, I’m gonna go sleep. G’nite Lyssa. I’m glad you’re better now.”

Lyssa spends the next few days, experiments. When she returns to see Ebevaria, she sees a more tutorly witch. Still condescending, she sees the raw energies she’s playing with and is going to teach Lyssa the techniques to shape the wild stuff of magic. Ebevaria brooches the subject of wild mage. She explains Lyssa’s temper makes the magic fluctuate, so instead of rejecting the anger, she will learn to harness it. “If you want to be truly a sorceress to be feared, you’ll sit at my side and soak up every ounce of my knowledge.”

“I’ve been invited to go to the games.”
“Some other. It’s just chasing wealth and frail concepts of glory.”
“If do go… what can I do to ensure that my magic won’t misfire. Since it’s quite certain there is no one like you. If you do come back, you had better come back with tales of glory. Or not at all.”
“Yes… Miss Ebevaria.”
Ebevaria dismisses the mage, and as she exits, she glances at a letter on Ebevaria’s desk. She spots Zemilay’s broken wax seal. Fearing the rush of break ins, Lyssa takes the orb with her and departs for the games.

Thom spends his next three days crafting tanto throwing daggers. He makes a decent, working pair.

The morning of the tenth, the party rendezvous with Raven’s Claw for a breakfast at Pimpleton manor. George comes to the door and sees Xost.
“Is sir Xostin here?”
George calls to Vetnik. “There’s a Master Xostin here to see you.”
“Sir Vetnik!” Vetnik picks him up with a jolly hug.
“Aggg! Thank you. My companions told me you took on a boon?”
“But why? “
“I’m a man of my word and stand for something greater.”
Galrim enters and slaps Xostin on the shoulder.
“He’;s a good man who follows thru! Look at him, he has to!”

“This was quite eye opening, my visit here. Do you feel ready for the games?”
Lyks hobbles out from his study. Overhearing their discussion “If they need anything, I’m sure I’ll be able to supply it. We usually talk about it over breakfast.”
Alwyn struts over. “Druid? Quite the horn, I’m Alwyn. Is this your house?”
“No, I’m merely here and watch over these children to make sure they don’t die.”
“These are hardly children, sir! I’ve watched over them since they were children.”
“I see. Spend much time in th woods?”
“Not so much. I do get to ride Snowflake.”
“My pegasus.”
“Yes. She’s greying but still sturdy.”
Alwyn points out his party. Galrim is there leader.

Lyssa knocks at the door. In the commotion, Moira opens and sees the mage. “Lyssa, hello.”
“So, I hear we’re going to the games today.”
“Yes, um… Uncle Lyks, Lyssa is here.”
“We’re going to games together.”
“She’s forbidden to enter.”
“She isn’t inside. Extend the courtesy to let her in.”
“Will she obey?”
Moira waves her in quietly. George sits everyone down for a large breakfast. Dwarves are boisterous and enjoy their cuisine. The gnome smokes, and the elves are overly aloof. They are however impressed to see George capable of making adequate Elvish food.

After breakfast, Raven’s Claw goes to fetch their own wagon. The company gathers their horses (Thom = Starbright, Grum = Sexy, Vetnik = Cleddene) Lyssa and Moira are still undecided and not motivated to any particular horse. Trisoll rides up with Raven’s Claw in attempt to strengthen bonds.

The games themselves are mobile. They set up in an area while they build up and strike their portable games grounds. Merchants also make the journey in order to accommodate the 10000 attendees. They make their way to the battlegrounds up towards Western Furyondy. Ovet the next 13 days, they tell them of the various duels that take place. All our combat duel based except for the priests, who are forbidden from using healing spells in duels built around blessings and combat. in duels Winner gets 2000gp. Winner of cross class either duels where challengers gets 5000. Costs 50gp for entry.

The journey brings the two parties together. The dwarves are fun loving while the elves are moody. The gnomes seems to be a more deliberate, less flighty gnome than the others encountered. On the four day, On the road, they see blood and tracks. A trail leads off the road into the woods. Ventik looks out and does, as well as Thom. They deduce a large, healthy wolf caught something drug it off. Tufts of brown fur kick it up in the breeze. “Looks like there’s a wolf around.” Thom remarks. Beyond the murder scene, they see a wedding procession coming down the road. Lyssa glares hardcore while Vetnik courtesies. Suddenly, their woos of happiness are followed by shrieks of fear. Raven’s Claw bring their wagon to a halt and the rogues pour out of their wagon. Vetnik charges forward. “WOLVES!” Flurmin calls out. Vetnik leads the charge to save the party.

Thom is first to arrive and spots 8 wolves snapping at a bridal party, women shrieking. Thom releases a color spray and knocks a wolf unconscious with its blast. Vetnik rides in, slaying a wolf with his longsword and piercing another with his lance. Grum shoots at two wolves, piercing one and killing the injured one. One wolf ignores the attacking party and is dragged off her horse and eaten by a wolf. A second leaps at Thom and bites at his arm. A third rushes to Flurmin but the dwarf is swift to sidestep. A forth claws at Lyssa and snags her. A fifth viciously leaps over the second wolf and tears into his left arm, drawing blood. Galrim rushes over to the wolf that attacked Thom and cuts into the beast with a glowing blue axe. He splits its skull in two! Galather fires off a pair of arrows, the first missing and the second jamming itself into the wolf’s shoulder. Xostin jams his mini longsword into the eye of an attacking wolf. “We don’t have to slaughter these wolves!” Trisoll cries out before closing his eyes and telepathically asks the wolves to run away. “My friends are going to kill you! They are not your food, go!” All except one deeply who is deathly injured by the arrow. Vetnik cuts its head off. After they see a bridal party cowering, morning over their fallen sister. Alwyn offers to bind the body, bless the corpse. They gives the men proper thanks. The bride herself gives the men of the party a parting kiss. “If you had not been here, this day would have been far more tragic.” Lyssa mines the wolf corpse for organs. The Raven’s Claw gents offer to escort the weary bridal party back home, but their latent xenophoba prevent them from accepting.

Lyssa’s herbalism rolls
10 successful rolls
- Comfrey
- Belladonna
- Cow parsnip
- Woodrose
- Fennel
- Billberry
- Darnell
- Arnica
- Darnell
- Hemp (Trisoll mentions his admiration for the odor of this particular herb to Lyssa.)

On Day 8, the party sees a militia running through drills and exercises. They see their banners and deduce they’re from Freeburrow. It appeared according to the path taken, the bridal party was on their way to Belgen. On Day 12, the party comes across a theatre troupe of masked performers and mimes and clowns. During the evening, they pair off into teams of 2 for the evening watch. Thom tries to summon a familiar but no such luck during his watch. Vetnik pairs up with Galather, who is pretty stoic. Galather roams while Vetnik sits in silence and watches. Lyssa is stuck with Flurmin, who attempts to talk of getting many riches at the games. Lyssa is unamused and stays silent. Xostin and Grum take the next watch. Grum asks him about his illusions. “I find your magic interesting.”
“The Gnomish people have always been drawn to illusions. The imagination of a gnome is truly magical, and something to behold. I know the humans have a specific study, but the school really belongs to us.”
“That’s great.
Thom and Galrim pair up for their watch. Galmrim gives him more insight into Raven’s Claw. They ask very little, the rewards are there. Represent the qualities and the rest they can’t be bothered with. Going places with a loose brotherhood!” Galrim continues to regale Thom with tales of their past adventures. Galrim’s discussion grows more impassioned, which seems to attract the attention of something else. Thom spots an arrow whiz by Galrim’s head. Thom hears the whistle and pulls the arrow out of the air and tosses it aside with a juggling motion.”
“By the gods!” A voice calls out. He steps out, hands up. “I mistook you for a deer, I’m so sorry. That was marvelous, but I’m so sorry.”
“You’re telling me you thought two men were deer!”
“Don’t apologize to me, apologize to te dwarf!”
Galrim asks XOstin to cast a spell and moments later, waves the archer away.
“Where did you get such timing?!”
“My mother!”
The last shift is covered by Trisoll and Alwyn who share a polite and quite discussion about their opposing deities.

Thunderstorms carry throughout the night. In the morning, rain has left leaving behind clouds. As they ride up, they see a number of tents and wagons of every variety surrounding the grounds. Most sell food with a few merchants. Entering the grounds, they see two corrals. One line leads to warm up rooms and training areas, while the other leads to seating and certified vendors. One man stands at the front taking down information and the competition fee, $50gp.

Throughout the day, each member from every other party makes it into the top six. Thom enters as his masked alter ego, Dim Razor. Every category tent is bustling with activity. Humans, elves and demihumans gather together. As the 7th rounds begin, the gates close again. From a podium in the middle, the grandmaster (Orium) welcomes everyone for coming and enjoying the games all day. A drunken, rowdy crowd cheers wildly.
“I’d like to welcome Barin Jermain, grand of the Furyondyian army.” A man in his late 50s still sturdy and verily. Next to him “Tovylyus Stilmyst, aide to the Grand High Elf Queen.” In the next box, he points to a third whose identity is not addressed. There is something eerily familiar about the third man to Thom and Grum. In the commotion of food vendors, the cheeseman Noell Graven runs into the party. “So nice to see you all again! Tell you something, or lane is a place of joy and growth and inspiration. The statue of Cirilli was told was gift from you people. That’s an incredible gesture, something we cannot possibly repay you for!” Noeel reaches in and gives Thom and Vetnik a bear hug. “I didn’t know you all were competing.”
“Just come cheer us on!” Vet
“You have no doubt I’ll be there!”

Another merchant makes his way around as Noeel continues towards the seating. He asks if anyone has any diseases or ailments and offering his wares. “Ummm…” It’s revealed that it’s Iggy Olvero.
“Not so fast” Ve
“I was under the influence, I heard the spell was broken. So thanks to you. Do you need any polstices.”
“Sure. We’ll a good sample or two.”
“Of all the folks we liberated, none have shown signs of guilt.” Th
“I have memories of you tying me up!”
“Do you have memories of you untying yourself.”
Lyssa approaches, holding her dagger. Iggy drops the rest of his sack. “Here! Enjoy the polsitces!”
Moira steps forward. “You have repaid your debt this day. Go, now.”

Vetnik steps into his ring for specialized fighters. Cavaliers, paladins, rangers, and the like gather to fight. Vetnik’s first opponent is Ruris Silveraxe, a dwarves paladin. A curious sight, one that Vetnik has never encountered before.
“Hello sir, I am Rurik.”
“I’m a paladin to the god Silverbeard. Best of luck to you.”
They enter the battlefield. Rurik Silveraxe rushes Vetnik with a silver axe but Vetnik is swift enough to dodge. Vetnik swing with his longsword and crashes it upon him. Vetnik lashes out two more times with his sword, the first connects and the second misses as he rolls out of the way. Rurik leaps back to his feet and swings four times but misses all four. Vetnik returns with a cleaving blow and a second slash to the side. Vetnik hits him again with his sword but misses with his second blow. A dazed Rurik cuts at Vetnik’s armor with his axe successfully. Vetnik being younger and more agile lands another hit. Rurik responds by knocking his axe against Vetnik. Rurik quickly tries to connect with three more hits but fails. Vetnik, tired of this challenger, slaps the paladin unconscious. The crowd cheers humbly.

Grum fights a figure cloaked in full grey robes, introduced only as Moard.
“Alright Moard, bring it on!”
In the arena, Grum draws his longsword and axe. The silent Moard is struck with both weapons. Moard retaliates with a pair of daggers. When the robed warrior moves, Grum notices her more female shaped form clinging underneath. Grum hits with his hand axe again, but Moard quickly whips around stabbing twice. Moard kicks twice but misses. Grum slaps Moard with the side of his axe. Grum swings again with his longsword with such loose form that he falls and drops his sword. The crowd cries out in an awed hush as Grum quickly snaps his sword back up. Moard quickly takes the initiative to strike, kicking once and missing and kicking a second time in his stomach. She attempts to smash at him twice more but misses. Grum rolls over and strikes with both his longsword and hand axe. Moard staggers back and as she gets her bearings, Grum misses his two strikes. Moard punches Grum in the face and chest and rushes back. Grum struggles to hit at first but the second strike is forceful, knocking Moard back a bit. The pair take a pause to breathe before Grum strikes twice, the first misses the second is measly. Moard tries to hit but misses both times. Moard is shaky on her first hit but the second move she quickly bashes Grum in the kneecap, hitting a cluster of nerves. “Ahhhhh!”
Moard reacts by slashing twice but misses. Grum misses his hit with the longsword and then his axe. Moard shows signs of exhaustion and misses Grum again. Grum strikes twice and misses twice. Grum tries to muster strength but Moard takes the window and sticks Grum right in the torso and knocks the wind out of him, sending him falling to the ground. The nurses rush in and do they best to tend to Grum. They lead him in their arms to the Exhibition of Skills, following after a silent Moard. In the tent stands two clothed men, unmoving. Moard moves in first and fails, with her mark grabbing her wrist. Grum staggers to steal but is caught as well. They are next ushered to a pair of locked chests. Moard struggles and fails to open the look. Grum is quite the opposite and with one flick of the wrist cracks the chest open. Grum’s future opponents acknowledge his skill. The next round is a find/remove trap challenge. Moard goes first and finds the trap successfully. She easily takes the trap off the door. Grum moves in and finds the trap as well, and effortlessly takes the trap off the door, more skillfully than Moard. The crew drags out a tiger cage. Grum goes first and easily sneaks past the sleeping beast without disturbing it. Moard attempts to do the same but the tiger wakes and roars furiously. The following round, a crew man is sent to a nearby tower. There, he will attempt to shoot them in shadows. Both succeed, but Grum becomes one with the shade. He eventually spots Moard, her robe partially visible, and she is struck. Crew men bring out two chests and ask them to hear noises. Moard and Grum both fail in their guesses, opening up to reveal a bird. They are next ushered to a wall where both climb. Moard slinks up but Grum skitters up much quicker. As he reaches the top, Grum is called out as the winner and the crowd cheers.

Lyssa is quiet in the pen, both nervous to explore her the new magics opened to her thanks to her studies with her new tutor. She puts on a game face though and keeps to herself. Her first opponent is a human wizard, Harakaitz. Lyssa is first to cast, and silently stares the wizard down. Her eyes a red glow, the crowd watches as suddenly the human wizard begins to shriek and cower to the ground under the influence of a scare spell. Using this opportunity, Lyssa quickly dispatches him by conjuring a large flaming bolt from the sky and sends it crashing down upon the wizard, putting him down for the count. The crowd cheers and Lyssa returns to the pen a little more confident, feeling the intensity of the new magics surging through her.

In the Bard battle, Thom fights against a half elven traditional bard, Skimdagger. He fights with a shortsword and plays a lute. They enter battle first. “The songs we’ll sing about later, eh friend?”
Thom shakes his hand and laughs. “Indeed!”
Thom draws his wakashazi blade and strikes twice but misses. Skimdagger swipes with a short sword but misses. Thom slashes again and hits but Skimdaggermisses twice in a row. Thom slashes again and hits. Skimdagger stabs and hits and Thom slashes twines. The first is a deft hit but the second lands against Skimdagger’s head. The blow quickly knocks the bard down upon the ground. So struck is he that he misses his hit. Thom misses his first strike but bashes him in the nose with the butt of his blade. Thom is triumphant, walks over, and helps the bard up of the ground. Thom and Tindagger are robed by attendants. “I was truly outclassed as a warrior. I pray my skill with the lute serves me well.”
“Best of luck to you.”
“Something tells me you don’t need it!”
Thom begins a song but stumbles upon his first couple hits. Tindagger busts out old school lute music that is comforting and rouses the crowd to cheers. They enter a sudden death where Tindagger bluffs his lute playing. So offensive was it to the fest organizer that his goons were called to escort Tindagger out of the arena.

In the next round, Vetnik is up against Manton the Bold, a cavalier from a different order. They discuss and agree to joust. Manton wishes Vetnik the best but is cold and stoic in doing so. The pair mount their horses and take up their spears. in the first run, Vetnik smashes in Manton’s shield and bangs against his arm. The second run, they fly past each other. The pair reach other, Vetnik just a moment ahead. Manton rushes past and the pair continue for several rounds, unable to hit each other. After several rounds unencountered, Manton finally conedes. As the announcer calls Vetnik out as the winner, Tyvollus stands and curses Vetnik as an escapee. He casts 3 magic missiles from his staff, knocking him off his horse. In the commotion, Vetnik and Thom look out into the boxes. Thom remembers the face from a painting in his youth. It’s Nerof Gasgal, the old mayor of Greyhawk! His jovial, surrounded by wenches and wine and enjoying the games.

In her second match, Lyssa faces off against another human, a mage in brown robes named Wregan Blackwood. As her namesake indicates, she carries around an ebony wooden staff. She seems adverse to Lyssa and is quick to enter the ring and get the fight over with. Lyssa conjures a fireball, more massive than she’s ever casted one before, and launches it at the unsuspecting mage. Regain pounds her blackened staff in front of her and attempts to split the fireball. She fails though, and the onslaught of magical flame knocks the mage down and out. Flames burn on the ground around her, but shockingly, Wregan’s body itself seems unaffected. Lyssa approaches and looms over Wregan’s body. She holds her hand over the unconscious mage as if it conjure something. Suddenly, the flames surrounding the two women burst into nothingness. A remarkable and uncharacteristic act of mercy from her. Moira watches, inspired and moved by her act of compassion. Lyssa’s daze is broken by the cheers from the crowd.

In the second Bard round, Thom faces off against a drummer named Yasha Twelve-Fingers. In combat, she draws a pair of short swords. “I look forward to seeing your skills on the drums.”
Thom clumsily drops his wazashazi blade and spends his time picking it up. Yasha rushes in slashing, but misses. Thom recovers and misses both. Yasha misses both of her hits as well. After three more rounds of not hitting, Thom taps her with his wakashazi blade. Yasha misses both hits and Thom follows with a severe hit and follows that with a blow to the right arm and cuts into the girl’s arm. Disabled, Yasha swings with her one good arm but misses. Thom slashes and misses. Yasha and Thom miss again until Thom swipes at her again with his wakashazi blade. He misses another hit but the second hits the left leg and cuts in her thigh. She submits on the verge of consciousness. Thom is a gentleman and helps her up.

Thom notices her drums are more influenced by a different culture. Thom beats his drums with cockiness but Yasha is inspired and dexterous, rousing the crowd in her daze. Thom wins the coin toss and the two agree to combat once more. Yasha jumps in with both arms, but neither hit. Thom hits twice and knocks her around. Thom strikes two more times, but Yasha returns with two connects and stirkes Thom twice in the face. Yasha goes to strike again but falls and drops her weapon. Thom presses his foot against her shoulder and presses her into the ground. He wips his swords around and flashes them into his holsters.

Grum’s next battle is against an elf woman named Asteria Silverkin. In the ring, she asks “Do I know you?”
“Um, I dunno.”
“You’re from greyhawk? I’m from the guild.”
Grum smiles as she tries to work her feminine wiles. “Never saw you looking at me at the guild. Most of the other thieves find their fancy.”
“Well, it’s not polite to stare.”
“Of course. let us speak again when this is decided. I’d wish you luck, but you know…”

Asteria attacks viciously with her daggers from the outset. She jabs at Grum’s left leg and cracks him in the same knee that was injured in the previous round. Asteria winks and kicks away at Grum. Grum charges ahead with his sword and axe, hitting with both. Asteria swings and knocks at Grum while Grum responds with two misses of his own. As Asteria waves her hands around, he notices 9 green painted nails and a red painted pinky. That seems to distract Thom, causing him to miss both hits. Asteria misses as well. Grum hits for 3. Asteria hits for 4. After much back and forth, the fatigue gets to Grum and he topples over and drops his weapon. After a few more rounds, Grum drops his sword again. The crowd begins to boo and jeer at Grum. Asteria hits back but only barely. After a series of blows, she concedes on the combat challenge and the pair immediately move into the exhibition of skills.

Grum goes first and makes the pickpocket just narily. Asteria also makes it just barely. At the locks, Asteria cheeses it on the lock but Grum makes it. Both Grum and Asteria find and dismantle their traps. Asteria moves like a ghost past the tiger but Grum is more sneaky in the Move Silently round. Asteria is increasingly pissed. The round of Shadows Grum also makes, but Asteria makes the Sound Check. In the climb walls, both attempt to climb but both fall off to the jeers of the crowd. A crier announces Grum as the winner!
“I can see why you do so well… we need to talk. Next time I see you at the guild, don’t be surprised if I seek you out.”

Trisoll wins his category and 2000gp. He brings over his opponent to Moira. “Hey Moira, this guy Older the Seeker is a priest of Cortox! You know this guy?”
“No! Hello, Oldor, I am Moira Steelshaper. Paladin of Cortox. How did you come upon his teachings?”
“His teachings are available to those who seek them.”
“Believe me, I’d love to speak with a priest. I have to combat a companion of mine. Someone I’m quite fond of and it fills with me strange feelings.”
“Fear not daughter, everything will work out for the best.”

In the final specialized warrior round, Vetnik goes up against the only other opponent, Moira Steelshaper.