The Legacy of Heroes

The Legacy of Heroes - Epilogue

Work in progress

Slowly, the mysterious mists parted and the Legacy found themselves transported across a realm, home in Greyhawk again after so many months. Though they were relieved to have returned, it was far from a joyous occasion. The still bodies of Barth Steelshaper and Cerulean Black A.K.A. Grum were a stern reminder of the price they had paid to defeat the ancient enemy, K’rzzt whose spirit now lay trapped within an enchanted phylactery, in eternal battle with the Legacy’s mentor Zemilay Lyks. Rather than celebrating the defeat of the enemy who had vexed both them and their parents, the members of the Legacy offered each other muted congratulations and warm regards before departing, ready to attend to duties left neglected in their absence. Lyssa mustered what feelings she could, still stunned from what had just transpired. They barely had time to breathe before the swirling haze took them away, the laudations of the victorious armies naming their saviors, “Three cheers for the Heroes of the, hu, hurrah!”

Tom wasted no time in ushering the body of his brother to the Thieves Guild, Grum was owed favors by powerful men and the bard was able to secure an audience with guildleader, Thurman Dietrien. The master thief seemed willing to front the expense to have his former apprentice raised but would demand certain favors of Tom. The bard considered his proposal, then offered to sing the tale of his brother’s sacrifice; in order that Thurman better understand what had transpired in Kellagha. Expertly, the silver fingers of Fil’ka’nah swept across Tom’s drum, creating a deep, rumbling beat that seemed impossible from an instrument of its size. The bard’s rich, baritone voice painted the picture of battlefields, thronged with man and beast, in a distant and hidden realm; the fingers’ charms working all the while. Dietrien, confident that his half elven blood protected him from such simple magicks, was completely unaware that he had been ensorcelled by Tom’s florid retelling of the final clash. At the conclusion of the bard’s epic aria it was decided, Grum would be ushered to the church of Istus to be restored; no boon required.