The Legacy of Heroes

What Lurks in the House of Merikka


Grum and Thom continue onto the next room while Lyssa is beside herself in the hallway. They find no noise or traps. They open and see a dining area (describe dining area.) Grum checks the display case for traps and finds none. Opens and finds prime harvested grains and veggies. In the south of the room, 2 doors (one connecting to a previously explored room.) Thom coldly coerces Lyssa back into the party, who’s fearful of using magic for fear of more transformations. She stays close to Moira. Vetnik and Thom gag and blind the two prisoners and lead them through the temple.

In a second door they hear nothing nor see traps. Inside, they see 3 medium sized ovens, cupboards, and a table. Thom searches the room for potions and only finds the mundane. “Anyone hungry?” he jokes. They collect a few pieces of salted meat and local fruits and continue outside and around to the south.

Together, they open the room up and see rich blue drapery just west of the door. Area is empty aside from plain wooden benches. Trisoll peaks behind the curtain and throws it to the side.
“Check it out!” A softly carpeted room…. (describe Orlanian wine room.) “This looks top shelf!” Tri
“That’s not saying much.” Tho
Tri leads the charge in grabbing available bottles. Moira declines, feeling weird about stealing from a church, while Lyssa is too shaken to focus. With wine in hand, Vetnik opens the next room. They find a bare room with 3 wooden benches and a door to the east. Vetnik attempts to open but finds the door locked. Grum steps forward and struggles at first, but pops open the lock. Entering, he sees a small bed, trunk, and desk. no traps on trunk, appears unlocked. Thom searches and finds a trap door in the floor of the room. Before heading into the secret door, Lyssa steps over and bars the door with a chair.
“Everything will be OK, I promise. You are protected.” Moi to Lys, squeezing her shoulder gently.
Grum detects no traps. “Pretty sure there’s no traps but does someone else wanna open it?” Thom opens and Trisoll comments “Some things should remain secret, man!”

Down inside, there lays a cavernous hallway. Long, carved. Trisoll asks Vetnik to be torch bearer, but Moira interjects. “No, you’re better with your sword than me. I’ll take the torch.” At the finished side of the wall is a door, while the other side is unfinished and cavernous. Thom and Grum search the north edge, using their infra vision. Grum sees a small spot of light and sees above him a secret door. As Grum checks the door, Thom returns to the others.
“If there was something festering here, would it not come from the underground?” Mo
Thom agrees and they continue through the mystery door. They enter a finished corridor, 10 ft wide. Thom casts light on an arrow and holds his arrow in his bow, lighting the party. Grum creeps up and peers around the corner, and sees an ogre with an ear against the wall ready and waiting. Grum signals to the party to stop moving and Vetnik and Moira freeze in place, terrified to make another move. As Grum warns the party, the ogre looks and spots them. They see it’s been starved, emaciated looking. Trisoll prays to Trithereon to delivery to Grum the blessing of Aid, which boosts his stats. The ogre crashes his club down but Grum is nimble enough to avoid. Thom calls a light arrow to the face but he misses and falls to his foot. The light beams up creating a more ominous glow. Vetnik charges forward with his longsword and swings but misses. As he swings, his balance is thrown off and he falls and his sword falls out of his hand down the floor. Fearing her Alteration spells not working properly, Lyssa impulsively shoots off a duo of magic missiles. The second missile sends the ogre reeling. Grum takes out his longbow and shoots his arrows but misses as the ogre flails in pain. Moira charges forward, eager to prove her medal, but just barely misses the wildly flailing thing.

The ogre charges at Moira but misses. As the ogre rushes, Lyssa jams the ogre in his thick neck, blood squirting everywhere. Vetnik leaps up and swings at the ogre with his shield, but misses. Grum fires off a pair of arrows but misses both. Trisoll swings bashes the ogre’s jaw and slaying the beast. He plants his staff back down.
“Way to soften him up for me, Lys!”
“I’m just glad we got to kill something.”
Thom peruses the body but finds only
“Nice shot.” Thom says giving her back her dagger.
“I had no idea you were such a good shot.” Mo
“I do what I can. As long as I don’t turn into a fox again.” Lys
“What happened? I wasn’t sure if you messed up your spell.” Mo
“Whatever magic is here is fucking with me. The sooner I’m out the better.” Lys
“Agreed. We’ll stick together, make sure nothing else happens.” Mo
“Thank you.” Lys
Moira looks stunned.

They following the corridor down 50 ft and head down another extension, 40 ft before turning once more. Grum continues to lead the party and continue 80ft before turning into a long, dark hallway. 60 ft in, it turns northwards once again and finally they find a door. The twins check the door and hear no noise/find no traps. Moira puts her hand on the door, opens and within she finds another hall that heads north and east. They head east but find it to be a dead end.
“Seems odd they’d make a dead end.” Lys
Trisoll finds a low spike in the wall section and slaps it, opening it up into a narrow, dirt-filled crawl space.
“Who can fit?” Vet
“One of the elves, I’m sure.” Tris
“We’re 1/2 elves, but thats cool. I’ll go.” Th

Thom crawls in and heads in. at 70 ft in, he fires a light arrow back through the hall to signal the party.
“Does that mean we follow?” Mo
“Yep” Gr
Thom stays put and waits for the party to come up the rear. As he waits, it doesn’t move or make noise, led by Grum. Moira and Vetnik roll up. “What’s the situation.”
“We’ll find out”.
“I can go ahead.” Gr
“No, I got it.” Tho
“Let’s go as a group.” Mo.
As they approach, it looks humanoid in size. Like a body. They get up and find it to be an old corpse dressed in an old tunic. Looks like the person left claw marks in the walls. Shining the torch over it, Grum recognizes them as vestments for Merikka. Thom searches the body but sees nothing beyond the robes. They deduce the person was thrown in and left to die.
“How cruel. Whoever defiled this temple shall pay.” Mo

They backtrack and head back into the hall. Traveling deeper in west, they find another door. No noise/no traps. Vetnik is asked to open and he abides. Inside he finds yet another corridor. They continue on northeast through the winding tunnels. The run into a dead end and turn back around. They head into a “fresh dirt on the floor” tunnel. They come up to the tunnel and see it descends with earthen stairs, and twists northeast another 25 ft until another set of stairs. The air is chill. The corridor snakes back north. At the base of there are two tunnels, left and right. Right at the fork, they see a 4 ft tall mushroom.
“I don’t wanna fuck w/ a 4 ft mushroom.” Trisoll worries, having almost died at the hands of a mystery plant.
Thom fires an arrow and shoots off the wall behind it. The mushroom begins to howl a pitch so intense that causes the party to fall. Moira charges forward with her longsword and cuts into the thing, causing -5 dmg. Trisoll staggers behind and wallops it with his staff for -4. Vetnik tries to swing but his footing once again fails him. He slips and falls, twisting his ankle and falls into the corridor behind it. He realizes its mud and slowly he begins to sink. The mud leaks inside his armor as he struggles to free himself. Grum aims his arrow at the shrieker and fires 2 bolts and silences the shrieking thing. Behind Vetnik in his periphery he sees a group of Troglodytes. Moira rushes up to save Vet. “The mud is no place for a mighty warrior!” They notice there’s an inch of mud coating the tunnel. Suddenly, they both see the pair of Trogoldytes. Wielding stone axes and release a repellent odor. All except Trisoll and Vetnik fall. The first Trog swipes at the captive monk with his axe, killing him. Trisoll stands and intones a blessing and summons a flame blade into his hand. He swings at the beast but misses. The 2nd Trog swipes and is knocked by the stone axe. Trisoll feels the ambush two axe blades and sees another pair of Trogs invading the tunnel. Grum spins around and fires off a pair of arrows. The first misses but the second lands and pierces his heart, felling the beast. Thom pivots around as well and does his best to drop the 2nd slashes into the beast’s arm. Moira swings and slays the Trog in front of her outright. Lyssa quickly tosses another dagger at the Trog, slashing into its scaly hide. Vetnik stands and slices the the Trog before in down. Thom pulls back a final arrow and sends it flying, hitting the beast. Vetnik violently turns around and charges the beast, but misses. Trisoll, with flame blade in hand, cuts into it and creates a sizzling wound inside the Trog, cooking it from within. He extinguishes the blade. “Let’s go.”
“Wait,” Thom begins to search their bodies. The oil they excrete stinks up their bodies and covers their corpses. Clan markings painted onto their armor signify their tribe, but to whom is unknown.

They continue down the right path and finds a series of doors. Inside, they find them to be a series of chambers, the doors both open. They continue on and branch of into a large chamber. They discern it to be a lair. Trisoll points out something in the dirt to Vetnik. A small chest buried in the dirt. Twins check for traps and finds no traps. They dig the chest up and feel the jingle of weight inside as they move it. Grum quickly pops open the chest with extreme effectiveness. He sticks his blade in through gold, electrum, silver, copper, and sees a silver brooch. Thom pauses for 15 minutes and raids the bounty. They take carry the treasure and the priestess along and continue back up the circular path and back to the half-carved tunnel. They arrive into the room once full of monks. They find another door and find no traps/noises on the door. Vetnik opens to a bare room full of 8 skeletons. As they move through the door the skeletons slowly begin to animate.
“We should be respectful… ah 9 hells!” Th
Vetnik whips around and swings long sword, smashing the first skeleton. Moira follows his lead “Well done, cavalier!” but misses. The skeleton charges at Lyssa but misses. The 2nd comes for Vetnik but misses. 3rd misses Grum. 4th misses Thom. 5th and 6th miss Trisoll and Moira. The 7th skeleton grabs at the bound priestess and slashes into her shoulder and shrieks under her gag. Grum fires an arrow but misses. Trisoll swings with his staff and shatters his skeleton. Thom fires off his arrows, misses first but strikes the 2nd, smashing it to dust. Lyssa swipes at an approaching skeleton, knocking out its jaw. Thom fires 2 more arrows, misses second and breaks the ribs of the 1st. Moira misses her blow. Vetnik tries to strike but misses as well. Grum fires but misses. Another skeleton rams the priestess with its sword and slays her but misses everyone else. Avoids Vetnik and Lyssa. Trisoll smashes the skull of another. Lyssa swings twice but misses twice. Trisoll swings again with his staff but falls and drops his staff. Vetnik swings and smashes another skeleton. Thom fires his last arrow but misses. Grum misses. Moira swings and knicks its bones, but still it stands. A skeleton strikes at Vetnik but misses. Trisoll lays on the ground and is stabbed by a nearby skeleton. Vetnik steels himself and decapitates the skeleton by shattering his skull. He attacks again but misses the 2nd skeleton. Lyssa grapples with her skeleton but misses. Moira saunters over and smashes the skeleton and shoots Lyssa a playful smile. The last of the skeletons attack Vetnik and Moira but both miss. Trisoll grabs his staff up off the ground and lifts it through the body of the skeleton. With a well placed bolt, Grum kills the last one.

Trisoll realizes his damage and heals his light wounds. They continue west through the unexplored door. Opening the small chamber, they see a table, 2 chairs, wine bottle, and 2 clean glasses. Thom urges them to step out and check the 2nd door. Thom opens and sees many shelves of books, 2 small tables. Inside the library room, they see an ornate book: A WORSHIPFUL GUIDE TO BENIGN MERIKKA. (Describe the defaced books). Thom shuts the book and notices the sacred text debased.

“More wine, ladies?”
“No, Tris.”
“I’ll pass.”
“You’re no fun.” As they enter, secret doors open up and goblins pour into the room, 9 of them. 3 goblins charge at Lyssa, 2 at Tris, and 4 at Moira. The first slashes -4 at Lyssa, the second strikes her left leg and causes minor bleeding. The third misses. Moira is struck once, while Trisoll is missed. “Nooo!” Trisoll rushes to Lyssa’s aid and gives her back +7 hp, and closes her leg wound. He backs away and watches as Lyssa engulfs the entirety of the goblin army in flames where they stand.
“Heh, I guess you are alright.” Tris jokes.

Thom turns the corner and sees a burning bright light and hear the screams of burning goblins. She stands and Trisoll asks if she needs to be healed. Thom burns his last armor spell and grants Lyssa +13hp of armor. They escort Trisoll, Lyssa, and Moira into the library.
“Now that is an appropriate application of your wrath.” th
“It felt good.” lys
“I’m just glad Trisoll and I could help you.” moi
“Thanks.” lys
“No need for thanks, we’re your companions.” moi
They wait in the library for 40 minutes. Trisoll blesses both Moira and Lyssa, and heals them while speaking words of camaraderie. Almost blasphemous, he speaks of the strength of each individual’s nature within the group. The twins head up the secret door initiative, and peer in to see a large barren room with 9 straw mats. Thom sacks the room but finds nothing, except a secret door in the north. Grum, meanwhile, pings on a secret room. The twins go to the door closest Thom and Vetnik opens. They find a 30 ft hall that connects with a door, and sees a smelly large room filled with the scent of decay. Further in, they see a rack and iron maiden. Several pine boxes stand stacked against the wall. They feel grain residue under their boot. Thom heads to a door in the south and Vetnik pushes it forward. The sound of small bells sound and Thom begins to pound his drum readying their saving throws. The inside of the chamber is filled with scratched walls and strange stains. The next room they enter, a coin falls at their feet yet makes no sound. All of sudden, Thom realizes his drum is silent. Trisoll mouths the words “WTF!”. Moira looks down the corridor and sees dashing around the hall a man dressed in chain mail with a mace and madness in his eyes. Moira darts forward but misses. Thom picks the coin up and throws it behind him and lifts the spell of silence. The mad knight cries out and charges at Vetnik but misses. Vetnik retaliates with a heavy swing of his sword and cuts through his chest. Fear crosses his eyes. Grum pulls back his arrows but misses. Lyssa tosses a dagger and misses; the mad knight throws his mace at her but she manages to duck it. Trisoll steps forward, silenced no more, and commands Tritheron to hold him in place. He freezes in mid run.
Lyssa steps forward to search his body for charming elements. Trisoll steps forward and casts detect charm, and realizes his mind has collapsed under the weight of the charm spell of the Naga.

Dirty straw palette with beautiful robe and battered locked chest. Exqusitely crafted chest. Hooks for tapestries are set into the stone. While Vetnik ties up the knight, he finds a ring of keys on his belt. The desktop is covered in insane scribblings while the tapestries bear faded images of scenic fields. Trisoll snoops around and finds a door in the northeast corner of the room. When he’s looking at the desk, he notices a switch underneath. Thom checks for traps and finds none. They trigger it and the door slowly opens. They see 4 granite statues and a jade serpentine woman statue. A small cage holds the body of a woman held captive. She looks up and sees them to be humans.
“Please, set me free I beg of you!”
Thom rushes forward and pops the cage open.
“My family were taken. I dunno what happened. I was immune.”
“Immune to what?” Lys
“The Naga!” Cerilia, daughter of the village storekeeper.
“Do you know where does he sleep?” Vetn
“The jade statue is of Defilius. I won’t take you, but there’s no way I’m going back there.”
(Describe jade statue of Naga and other reptile statues.) “The man who carved them kept me here, Agribo.” (Describe reptile statues.)
Grum pings a secret door while Thom raids the chest.
“Find a place to hide.” Tho
“No! Don’t leave me down here.”
Vetnik does what he can to calm the weeping woman, radiating charisma. “I will protect you.”
“I believe you sir. I’m going to bar the door behind you.” Cel
“If you don’t hear from us and our knock code, hide!” Tho
“I’ll be back for you.” Vet

The twins pop the secret door open and find it to be another door underneath the secret door from the floor above. Vetnik comes right back and Thom reasons to her to go seek refuge with the elves.
“Where would you have me go? I’d rather die than stay here for another moment.”
“They’re good elves. GO there, be quick.”

Together, they exit the temple. A man carrying a weasel is there to greet them.
“Strangers, what are you doing in the temple.”
“Could ask you the same questionn, sir.” Vet
He moves on a gnarled, wooden staff. “If you see threat in me, I assure you there is none. I ask only because of the goings on at the tavern. I know Whiskers saw you.”
“If you’ve come to stop us, then you’ve met your match.”
“I am no threat, and you have confirmed to me what I wanted to know. You have acted against the cult and we are allies. I am Rahme, and this whiskers.”
“Do you live here?” Vet
“I’ve gained knowledge thru patient observation.”
“What about the elves?” Tho
“What elves?”
“They’re the ones who told us to investigate.”
“Now that you have, what secrets do you hold?”
“This lass, who was resistant to the Naga’s charm.”
“They took my family. I’m so scared, but what is your name?”
“I am going to seek the elves. I can help you to find the lair of the Naga, but do nothing more.” Cel
“So, this girl knows where the Naga sleeps? Will you seek him out?” Rahmn
“Of course!” Tho
“True heroism.” Rah
“Do you know what a cavalier is?”
“Of course. Uou would be well advised to bring me. I have fair knowledge in the arcane.”
“What kind of knowledge?” Lys
“Madam, I’ll let Whiskers answer you.”
Lyssa scowls.
“Let us escort the maiden to the elves house.”
One of the elves is home and accepts her into their home, Dorian.
“Travel to the moors, a couple days out of town. That’s where the Naga sleeps!” Cel

Thom asks Moira to sense Rahme out, but senses no evil. He’s truthful when he says he wants the cult expelled from Orlane.