Chaos Wave

CHAOS WAVE (Alteration/Wild)

Range: 30 yards + 10 yard/level
Duration: Special
Area of Effect: 60’ cone, 1 creature/level
Saving Throw: Special

The caster releases a wave of chaotic wild magic that can have devastating effects to those caught in its blast radius. The surge radiates from the caster and fans out to a 60’ cone, effecting 1 creature per level of the caster as well as any non-living objects that can be effected by magic (combustible, breakable, etc.)

Once caught in the wave, creatures are able to save vs. spell. If a saving roll is made, the wave has no effect. If failed, they receive 1d4 + 1/per caster level dmg and are subject to 1 of 9 possible outcomes:

Misfire, see below.
Blindness: Mimics ‘Blindness’ spell. Save v. spell negates.
Levitation: Mimics ‘Levitate’ spell. Save v. spell negates.
Burning: Mimics ‘Burning Hands’ spell. Save v. spell negates.
Fear: Mimics ‘Fear’ spell. Save v. spell negates. Undead are not effected.
Paralyzation: A character or creature affected by paralysis becomes totally immobile for 1d6 rounds. The victim can breathe, think, see, and hear, but he is unable to speak or move in any manner. Save v. paralyzation negates.
Sleep: Mimics ‘Sleep’ spell. Save v. spell negates. Elves are not effected.
Hold: Mimics ‘Hold Person/Monster’ spells. Save v. spell negates. Elves are not effected.
Misfire, see below
Force: Mimics an aspect of ‘Telekinesis’ spell, whereby the caster can hurl one or more objects within range, and within a ten-foot cube, directly away from himself at high speed, to a distance of up to ten feet per caster level. This is subject to a maximum weight of 25 pounds per caster. Save v. spell negates.

The caster is not immune to the their own power and are capable of being caught up in a wild surge. If a 1 or 9 is rolled, the caster is then subject to one of the 8 effects of their own chaos wave as determined by another roll, to which they receive no saving throw.

Chaos Wave

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