• HOLY SYMBOL: A basket filled with sheaves of grain and a long scroll.
  • ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Good
  • DOMAINS: Earth, Good
  • GENDER: Female
  • SUPERIORS: Cyndor
  • RELATIONSHIPS: Bleredd (husband)

Merikka is described as a quiet, gray-haired woman of faded beauty, carrying a basket of grain and holding a scroll, though her image in her temple in the village of Orlane is that of a beautiful young woman. Merikka is obsessed with dates and cycles.

Merikka was imprisoned for some years in the Godtrap beneath Castle Greyhawk by the archmage Zagyg, but is now free. She resents chaotic gods and any who would disrupt her work.

Merikka teaches her faithful about orderly schedules, caring relationships, prudent savings, and honest labor. She teaches that children must respect their parents, husbands must respect their wives, wives must respect their husbands, and parents must love and teach their children, just as Merikka teaches her flock.

One holy text in Merikka’s faith is called A Most Worshipful Guide to Benign Merikka. The one found in her Orlane temple was huge and richly illustrated with colorful paintings. Merikka’s clerics preside over weddings and coming-of-age ceremonies, care for pregnant women, and act as police when there are none other available, pursuing their quarry even into cities. They ensure the crops are planted and harvested on time, and they act as neutral advisors in household arguments.

One temple to Merikka exists in the village of Orlane north of the Rushmoors. It is the only stone building in town, and the majority of the villagers consider themselves devotees of Merikka. Among many other rooms, the temple contains a hall displaying golden statues representing the major plants Merikka is concerned with: wheat, potatoes, oats, corn, carrots, turnips, grapes, and beans.

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