Loot Log


Total Coins

Total Group Coins
200 pp 1300 ep 13400 gp 16000 sp 0 cp
Latest Collected
Platinum Gold Electrum Silver Copper Misc Location
Latest Treasure Found
Type Found Possessed By
7 Gems Werewolf Thom
20 Gems Crab Thom
4 Jewelry Ogre Magi Thom
Gem Glass Globe Thom
Jewelry Glass Globe Thom
Latest Magic Items Found
Item Details Possessed by
Healing Potion Found in Ogre Magi’s Chamber Party
Unopened Spellbook Dropped by werewolf sorceress Party
Ring of Mirror Images Ring worn by Ogre Magi. Charges: 5 (used 1) Party
Unknown Potion Found in vampire’s chamber Party
Magic Scroll Found in vampire’s chamber. Contains Magic Mouth; Dispel Magic; Monster III Lyssa
Wand of Paralyzation Found in glass orb room Lyssa
Wand of Frost Found in giant crab’s chamber. Charges: 7 (Used: 2) Lyssa
Ring of Protection +3 ing worn by Ogre Magi Grunt
Ring of Infravision Found in giant crab’s chamber Grunt
Luckstone Found in giant crab’s chamber Grum or Grunt
Potion of Black Dragon Control Found in vampire’s chamber Grum
Cleric Scrolls Found in Ogre Magi’s Chamber. Contains Protection from Evil. Trisoll
“Magic” Ring Found in glass orb room Trisoll
Potion Silver Dragon Control Found in glass orb room Vetnik
Jewelry Found in glass orb room Party
Ring of Flying Found in glass orb room Thom

Weapons and Equipment

Magic Items Details Possessed by
Leather Armor +1 Giants Trisoll
Gem of Seeing Grum
Dagger +4 Giants Lyssa
Spear +1 Giants Group
Eleven Boots Grum
Bag of Holding Vetnik
Eleven Boots Thom
Ring of Proctection +1 +1 Defense and Savings Throws Grum
Ring Protection +1 Magic Ring (Priestess) Trisoll
Short Sword 1/2 vs scaled?reptile?(uncertain) Fighter & Assassins Moira
Medium Shield +1 Fighter & Assassins Moira
Brooch of Shielding 30 Points remaining Lyssa
Platemail +1 Magic Plate Moira
Medium Shield +1 Magic Shield Vetnik
Spear +1 Vetnik
Dagger +1 Cook’s Dagger Lyssa
Short Sword +1 Cave Thom


Scroll Details Possessed By
Ivory Scroll Case A Lockable Lyssa
Scroll Slow Level 7 Lyssa
Scroll Stinking Cloud Level 7 Lyssa
Scroll Detect Magic Level 7 Lyssa
Ivory Scroll Case B Lockable Trisoll Lyks
Scroll Heal 11 Trisoll Lyks
Scroll Dispel Magic Level 11 Trisoll Lyks
Scroll Cure Level 11 Trisoll Lyks
Cure Light Wounds Count: 2 Trisoll


Potions Details Possessed By
Philter of Persuasiveness Page 144 Thom
Potion of Youth Thom
Healing Golden Grain Inn Chest Grum
Clairvoyance Page 141 Trisoll
Healing Page 143 Lyssa
Potion of Fire Resistance Page 142 Vetnik
Philter of Love Page 144 Thom
Potion of Speed Page 144 Thom
Gaseous Form I GGI Chest Grum
Gaseous Form Page 142 Grum
Invisibility Page 143 Grum
Healing GGI Chest Grum

Other Wealth

Precious Things
Type Value Possessed By
Amulet 1000 gp Clerics Room Thom
Jade Disk 75 gp Soldiers Room Thom
Bracelet 400 gp Naga Treasure Thom
Type Value Possessed By
20 small gems x 25 gp = 500 gp Chest – Secret Boat Naga Level 2 Grum
87 ornate x 10 gp = 870 gp Lair Chest 3 on level one Grum
6 semi stones x 25 gp = 150 gp Lair Chest 3 on level one Grum
Gem 300 gp Inn Chest Grum
Gem 450 gp Inn Chest Grum
Gem 400 gp Inn Chest Grum
Rudy 800gp Naga Grum

Loot Log

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