Scroll Incantations

Below is a record of arcane texts found throughout the journey known as the “Legacy of Heroes”. Each scroll possesses a different and spectacular effect once the mystical text is recited aloud. This serves to document not only the mystical incantations as written, but also provides a vivid detail of the visual effect once the scroll is read aloud.



DISPEL MAGIC – The speaker of this spell must read the passage in its entirety. As soon as the final word is uttered, the scroll evaporates into nothingness. Just as it disappears, a radius of unseen force shoots forth from the speaker’s hands. With a quick and potent breeze, the wave of invisible energy dissipates any magic in the area of effect.





POLYMORPH OTHER – As the text is recited, the scroll itself appears to flake off burning paper ashes fluttering away from a fire. The pieces swarm around the subject of the enchantment and soon, the pieces of ash begin to form a husk that transforms the subject into whatever the speaker desires. When the magic is broken, the polymorphic husk flakes away instantaneously and the magical shreds disappear into the ether.

figura in figuram denuo reformare
caro et os, et se nervus
composuerunt in igne
fertur per aerem dulces
ambula per terram firmam
pulchra crystallis et bibit aquam
i corpus facere, novo decreto
omnes videntes decipiat

SENDING – Before the message can be sent, the brief incantation is uttered. Once said aloud, the incantation acts as a key to unlock a small unseen rift which allows for a short message to slip through. As the caster recites the verse, the text itself glows a cool, teal hue before it floats off the parchment and into the caster’s mouth as a glowing wisp of bluish smoke. The spell remains in the caster’s mouth until his intent aligns with his words. The short message is then uttered by the caster and the mystical glow evaporates into the air where it travels instantaneously to the recipient. The listener sees nothing but hears the voice of the sender in their ear as if being whispered to.

videte manus meas, et misit eam
et te pro hoc nuntio
iter celeris, et super stellarum per ventum


tardius , tardius, tardissimis
aere convertatur in lutum
qui ante me in semitam praeiudicant
ut te non patitur pro libero


effringerent ovi
summone aere acerbum
putrescunt in maternis uteris defuncti foetidus terram
crinemque flagrantem

premunt , suffocant
illud nube obversatur
premunt , suffocant
suffocat gravis nebula sub tegumento

TELEPORT WITHOUT ERROR – Before reading the spell aloud, the caster must mentally focus on where they wish to be transported to. Any break in concentration can result is disaster. As the words to the spell are chanted, the caster and all those within the vicinity of the spell can see the space around them change. The space occupied by the caster begins to spin and bleed into the destination, but once the final word is uttered, the area itself is engulfed in a flash of blinding light. When the light dies, the caster finds themselves in whatever destination they visualized.

est instar domus
est instar domus
est instar domus

WEB – The scroll itself becomes the thread for this evocation. While the speaker recites the text, the fibres of the scroll rapidly unravel with each word uttered, and float through the air with great purpose. Wherever the speaker directs the web to be built, the magical threads attach themselves to nearby surfaces and quickly create a dense network of strong, sticky webbing.

araneae ex ventre nigro
natus est de daemone reginam
ordiremini telam murum ad defendendum me

erit velut ferrum:
ut denique serico
sicut mel lentum
sicut lac

araneae ex ventre nigro
fila deducere tua semper
et involvent inimicis meis

Scroll Incantations

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