Shield Options


Any character equipped with a shield can choose to forego its protection and gain an extra attack known as a shield-punch. The shield-punch is treated as a normal, secondary weapon attack; the primary weapon suffers a –2 penalty to attack rolls that round and the shield-punch attack is rolled with a –4 penalty. A character may use his reaction adjustment due to a high Dexterity score to offset these penalties. Alternatively, the character can substitute his normal attack for a shield punch, with no penalties.
If the character is trying a shield-punch, he must announce his intention while declaring his combat action and forfeits the defensive benefit of the shield for the round.

Shield Punch
Shield Type Size Damage
Small S 1d3
Medium M 1d4
Large L 1d6


The shield-rush is an attempt to knock someone down by running into them with your shield. The character must have 10 feet (2 spaces) of running room to make an effective shield-rush.
When the character makes a shield-rush, he makes a normal attack against his enemy’s AC. Some shields may provide modifiers or bonuses to the rush.
After a shield has been used for a rush, it provides no AC bonus for the rest of the round for its bearer. Making a shield-rush also costs the character a normal attack, but it isn’t considered an off-hand weapon like a shield-punch.
If the shield-bearer hits with his attack, saving throw vs. paralyzation for the defender else fall prone.


When a character tries to block an attack, she makes a normal attack roll against AC 4. Her opponent makes a normal attack roll against her Armor Class. The strike is blocked if the character succeeds with a lower roll than her enemy succeeded with. If the attacker failed anyway, it’s a miss no matter what the blocking character rolled. If the blocking character failed but her attacker succeeded, it’s a hit despite the block attempt.
If the character announces her block before initiative is rolled, she can block an attack even if it beats her action phase. If she decides to wait, she can only block attacks in her action phase or later.
Blocking is an excellent tactic for characters with multiple attacks to use against characters or monsters with only one attack.

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