The Ruins of Castle Greyhawk

Below are legends and rumors surrounding the fabled ruins of Castle Greyhawk.

Zagyg built for himself an enormous castle complex north of Greyhawk. He reportedly used it to conduct his experiments, to build his personal guard of soldiers, and to store the treasures of his career. However, after just a century of occupation, the castle was mysteriously abandoned. Since then, the upper towers have crumbled and fallen, the grounds have succumbed to the erosion of time. In its prime, Castle Greyhawk consisted of three main towers. They have fallen into rubble, but the corresponding dungeon levels beneath them still exist. Though below ground, they are still referred to as the Tower of War, the Tower of Power, and the Tower of Zagyg. Currently, the title of ownership is now in the hands of a mage from Bayerton named Lyssa, who claims she is a descendant of the Ygranere family.


  • Three towers (Power, War, Zagyg). The Tower of War holds tons of gold but an undead army guards it. (Told to he and Grum as youngsters)
  • There is a great underworld host beneath the ruins, possibly even a city! (Legend written about by other Bards in Greyhawk)
  • Without a magical blade, combat within the ruins is suicide. (Rumor)


  • The Tower of Zagyg spells death to all who enter and is powerfully cursed. (Rumor)


  • It is dangerous to use magic in the Tower of Power. (Rumor)


  • Round teleportals in the Tower of Zagyg that separate party members from each other. (Rumor)


  • More than 25 separate floors filled with traps and fiends of all varieties. (Vision)
  • A being whose form is naught but swirling light. (Vision)
  • A dead human laying face down only feet away from a portal. (Vision)
  • A straw bed filled with maggots. (Vision)
  • A 6 foot pyramid of packed earth. (Vision)
  • A stone drawbridge with glowing chains. (Vision)
  • A circle of runes surrounded by white incense sticks in deep purple sconces. (Vision)
  • A dozen female giants and their spawn. (Vision)
  • An aged red dragon. (Vision)
  • Zagyg once held nine powerful demigods captive in the Tower of Zagyg. Only Iuz escaped. (Vision)

The Ruins of Castle Greyhawk

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