The Timeline of Heroes

BL = Before Legacy of Heroes
LH = Legacy of Heroes

?? BL

  1. The first game
  2. The White Event
  3. Kor-Mak’s pocket dimension
  4. The Realms
  5. Krynn
  6. Reunification/Reizhodd Rises

24 BL

  1. The Shields of the Shield Lands: A Unified Front
  2. Silhouette and Ix marry.
  3. Lyssa was born

23 BL

  1. Moira Steelshaper and Barth Steelshaper were born
  2. Crunghin and Morgana Black sail the seas with their two ships Blackmoons and the Kraken’s Daughter.

20 BL

  1. Cerulean Black and Corillion Black were born
    Trisoll Lyks was born

18 BL

  1. Crunghin and Morgana Black return to Greyhawk

13 BL ?

  1. Crunghin becomes Mayor of Greyhawk

12 BL

  1. The Eye of the Master

1 BL ?

  1. The Mayor of Greyhawk abandons the position leaving behind a cryptic note

1 LH – Legacy of Heroes

Day 1 Godsday the 25th of Readying the year ????

  1. The Players meet at Pimpleton Manor
  2. Imelda Woodley McKinley Cemetery & Undead

Day 2 – 13

  1. Gelnar visits Pimpleton Manor seeking the Heroes of Greyhawk
  2. River voyage to Orlane

Day 13-16

  1. Kron Hills
  2. Centaurs and Hill Giant

Day 17

  1. Enstad
  2. Cortellius Ash’a’na
  3. Captured

Day 17-18

  1. The Great Court of Enstad
  2. Tyvollus Stilmyst
  3. Her Fey Majesty, Yolande, Queen of Celene, Lady Rhalta of All Elvenkind
  4. Verdict

Day 19-20

  1. Escape! With Azariah Obrilyn & Talindra Obrilyn
  2. Piercer and Giant Spiders
  3. Orvak Dwinig and the plant named Trisoll’s Bane

Day 20-26 Lortmil Mountains

  1. The Lortmil Mountains
  2. Bugbears & the boarder of the Duchy of Ulek

Day 26-31 Duchy of Ulek Plains and Axeguard

  1. Forttown of Axeguard
  2. Mors & Red Ram Inn

Day 32-38 River Ride and the Rushmoors

  1. Jered & Mugwump

Day 39 Gran March and the town of Orlane

  1. Nowell Graven an excellent cheese maker
  2. Bertram Beswill of the Golden Grain Inn
    Late afternoon
  3. Iggy Olivero upstairs of the Golden Grain Inn
  4. Under Golden Grain Inn
  5. The Constable and his man
  6. Aided by the two elves Dorian and Llywillan
  7. Belba Cralloon and the Slumbering Serpent Inn

Day 40 Orlane The Slumbering Serpent Inn


  1. Two buried daggers
    Early Afternoon
  2. Temple of Merikka
  3. Priestess and Abramo
  4. Cirilli Finla prisoner
    Early Evening
  5. Ramne and Whiskers old recluse
  6. Cirilli taken to the Elves
  7. Raiding the General Store
    Last Hour
  8. Vetnik’s brawl
  9. Exodus from Orlane
  10. Mugwump chases bear

Day 41 Gran March on the trail to the Naga’s Lair

  1. Grum fetches the old man

Day 42 Dim Forrest on the trail to the Naga’s Lair

Day 43 Rushmoors on the trail to the Naga’s Lair

  1. Random Encounter: Troglodyte

Day 44 Rushmoors at the Naga’s Lair

  1. Naga’s Lair – level I
  2. Naga’s Lair – level II
  3. The party take the freed prisoners and the spoils of war to their base camp

Day 45 Rushmoors _ returning to Orlane_

Day 46 Rushmoors _ returning to Orlane_

Day 47 Dim Forrest _ returning to Orlane_


Day 47 Orlane

Day 49 Road to HookhIll Journey home to Greyhawk

Day 56 The Wizard Near Hookhill

Day 56 Greyhawk

  • TO DO *
  • Days in Greyhawk
  • Giants
  • Elmshire

Day 67 Greyhawk 10th of Flocking

Day 68 Road to the Games

Day 81-83 24th Wealsum The Games

Day 84 Return Greyhawk

Day 90 Slaver

Day 91 Beloth last day of Richfeast

Day 97 Greyhawk 5th of Harverster

The Timeline of Heroes

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