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Session XI:

Day 44 Rushmoors, Naga’s Lair – lower level late afternoon
Freeday the 14th of Flocktime (last day of Harnekiah/Ulaa’s Hunt)

The lower level of this lair started off very muddy in places and after slogging through a large patch of it the party decided to avoid those paths a best as possible. That more or less determine how we proceeded through the tunnel system initially. Something else odd occurred around this time. Lyssa failed to cast a spell successfully while unmolested in her ritual. It was the first time I have witnessed this happen to the mage and the expression on the thin witches face told me this should not have been the case. I enchanted one of my arrowheads with a light spell to see if I too was hampered in my castings. I was able to did so without fail, which made Lyssa seem more distraught.

Grum discovered a hidden door covered in mud and behind it was a small boat inside. It became obvious it was intended to be used to cross the deep pool at the end of this hallway, blocking any further progress. My brother and I used the boat build for two to scout ahead. I paddled as Grum plotted our way, I was to fire the light-arrow as a signal if we encountered and dangers. When we finished following the bend we spotted two large glorious chests atop a small platform. My lack-wit brother thought it would amuse him to act as if he had been pricked by poison most foul while deactivating a trapped chest. Yes, Grum, you fooled me. It is unlikely you would read this admittance since reading bores you. I did complement my brother at the site for his perfect work getting into the locked containers. They held a couple thousand coins, dozens of gems, and a jeweled bracelet that I took for safe keeping. It took two trips to bring back both chest to the group which we hid later once the boat was placed back into the room where we found it.

(Thom’s itemization of the two chests)

When we came to a door that my brother could not unlock Vetnik and Moira kicked it in with brute force. We where greeted by the wonderfully decaying smell of an undead Zombie. Trisoll was unable to turn the creature with his powers and the disgusting thing took hold of my neck. I used every last breath of air I had captured in my lungs to thrust my sword and dagger at the disfigured undead man strangling me. One of my attacks connected and I stabbed the unnatural thing with Lyn which delivered a blast of electrical energy that burned out a large section of it’s torso. The hand released me as the destroyed Zombie fell to the ground where it returned to being just a dead person again. The dagger and sword I use are impressive weapons but I’ve committed my whole life mastering the blades of my mother’s ancestors. I am putting myself at a disadvantage fighting with these style of blades and it may be quite a while before I can adapt to the more traditional weapons of this region.

Day 44 Rushmoors, Naga’s Lair – Boat Room late afternoon

We recovered prisoners locked in a room that was being used as a holding cell. The daughter and son of a carpenter from Orlane and a merchant from Hookhill. Grum saw to the locked cell doors quickly as the innocent eagerly waited to be set free. Our fellowship escorted the scared survivors of the Naga’s charm back to where we found the hidden boat. Moira, Vetnik, and Trisoll tended to the needs of the helpless and asked them for any useful information. Seems the youngest lass had an idea of where the Naga may be found and explained the details along the way. Grum, Lyssa, and myself lead our way back to the boat room scouting for patrols periodically. We left them with blankets and spare clothes, as well as food and water, then instructed them to only open the door if we return before lowering the boat over them like a shell and closing the door behind us. The group marched back north in the direction where we discovered the prisoner.

Not much further north from the holding cells is where we encountered another undieing thing. Moira called it a Wight and she was powerless to turn it as was Trisoll. It appeared to once have been a man but now is evil and hateful, seeking to destroy us all and anything else living that it can. As we encircled it the thing eerily eyed each one of us in an unnatural and illogical manner that unhinged me. I witnessed the Wight strike out at the frail Ramne and drain the actual life from the sad old man. When the claw of the beast connected with the man I saw Ramne rapidly regress in that instant and he was left looking as if suffering from a heavy heart and severely grief stricken. When the Wight turned it’s attention on other members of our group Ramne gathered himself then quickly dropped his disguise and began casting a powerful spell. Gone was the feeble old thing now stood an able and determined figure as the room charged with static then filled with a flash of intense light followed just as quickly by a deafening clap of thunder. Our old man was a Wizard and a fairly well versed one at that, if left a little worse for the ware from the Wight. The lighting strike hit the undead monster hard and sent it flying back against the far wall. There Moira would strike it down with her enchanted short sword destroying the evil thing. The fighting was was not over yet as the instant the wight was putdown it’s evil master entered this chamber to deal with us personally.

I could tell right away that this prick thought he was smarter then he actually was. He was one of the ones who thought they where smarter then Cirilli. I could tell that this prick was a priest who found joy turning poor souls into his evil playthings. This asshole was not smart enough to avoid me putting my dagger into him. When Cleric’s face was convulsed and unable to scream, while the dagger discharges it’s powerful shock, I though of the freed children’s laughter when I would do my impression of that face for them. Vetnik took a nice chunk out of the vile Cleric before our own personal Queen of Pain ended his life as unpleasantly as she could make it. Her laughing face would be the last thing the evil priest ever sees. Sometimes I really love that girl, sometimes.

It was pretty clear at this point what we where looking at once we entered the altar room the unholy cleric emerged from. We had entered the chambers where the leaders of this cult conducted their foul enterprise. The altar room served for ritual sacrifices and other unspeakable studies. Those that the Naga could not charm or would not worship her served other gruesome purposes. A quick investigation yielded a hidden mechanism in the alter chamber’s main statue that opens and closes a hidden door If one moves the head left or right. This passageway could only lead to one place as we steady ourselves. Ramne has us gather as he casts a magical orb around the group as we proceed to face the Naga.

Slowly and steadily we approached the end of the passageway where Grum quietly opens the door. Bless the Whores of Lore! The Naga was slithering gingerly about with her back towards us unaware of our presence. Our party acts immediately. Lyssa tries casting a spell but butterflies pour forth from her gapping jaw instead. Fortunately for the fuming mage there was no time to laugh or tease. When the Naga turned to face us I hit the cunt right in her eyes with a light spell, it was a tactic my father taught me which I had hoped would work now. I knew I had cast the spell correctly but for a moment I wondered if the spell would take or would the Naga just ignore the effect? When the bizarre creature hissed in frustration and moved about it’s den as if lost I smiled. I laughed with delight when Ramne explained I had just negated the Naga’s gaze effect as well. The Old Wizard then put four bolts of energy into the hide of the serpent as Grum continues to land arrows. The Naga was reeling in pain when Moira reached it and stabs the creature deep, the paladins longsword is plunged nearly to the hilt. Vetnik cuts the Naga in two and both halves of the Naga thrash around on the ground in their last uncontrollable spasms of life. When the body stopped the only thing moving was the blood that continued to seep out of each half. It was done, the Naga was no more, Orlane would be saved, the children avenged and there was more loot to be found!

(Thom’s itemization of the items found in the Naga’s den)

Chapters XII: Orlane and Greyhawk

Day 44 Rushmoors, Campsite outskirts of the Naga’s Lair – last hours
Freeday the 14th of Flocktime (last day of Harnekiah/Ulaa’s Hunt)

We’ve made camp for the night not far from the Naga’s cave entrance, we are tending to our injuries and settling the freed captives who went through hell imprisoned in that vile serpent queen’s prison. Everyone is too tired or feeling too lucky surviving in one piece to start any squabbling at the moment. The amount of wealth and magic liberated from this evil cult has proven to be a real moral booster, every soul in our group sleeps with grinning faces. I am eager for pleasant dreams myself after I finish this nights watch.

Day 45 Rushmoors, Campsite – Dinertime
Starday the 15th of Flocktime New Moon of Celene(St. Cuthbert’s Day)

We have been trudging though the marsh at the swiftest pace we can muster. The Rushmoors fights us with every step, as if these lands where trying to break our will forcing us to surrender and lay our burdens down on it’s soggy soil forever. Much of the deadly wildlife has left us to our travel however early in the day Trisol was involved in a skirmish with a Giant Leech then again a few hours ago Moira was attack by a another of the slimy beasts. I wonder what creatures exist in these woods for such a large amount leeches to survive, mayhaps a lack of said creatures is forcing these leeches to attack the likes of us? Diner is ready, smells good tonight.

Day 47 Orlane, Common Streets – Afternoon
Moonday the 17th of Flocktime

Orlane is a much more pleasant town now, bustling with character and good will. I could not resist the opportunity to play up our victory and drummed a quick tempo march borrowed from the song, Dandy Tickels by the halfling master-bard Jamfire Littleknight, but I replaced the lyrics with tales of Dim Razor and his daring companions, the vanquishers of the Naga God Queen and liberators of Orlane.

Wicked Mother, gaze of hate,
Our sons and daughters led astray
Stay the poison and stay the blade,
No one wakes in Orlane the same

Skilled Heroes, brave at heart,
Our sons and daughters need your aid
Loose your arrows and unsheathe your blade,
Valiant saviors avenge our pain

Wicked Mother, gaze of hate,
The protectors of Orlane are not afraid
Stay your arrows and sheathe your blade,
Our children are saved the Naga is slain

The youth of the village could not resist the sight of warriors on horseback armed with deadly weapons and came running to witness our parade of sorts. I spied a shop keeper with the knot on his skull eyeing my picnic-blanket-flag with a vague sense of familiarity. The Major, Zakarias Ormond, quickly met with us and extended his debt to our fellowship. He was unaware of the two elves that lived in his town but thanked their presence. I informed him of the two valuable statues the Cult left behind. I requested that the one sculpted of jade be sold with half the profits going to build a monument for Orlane, the remaining coin be given to Cirilli to help fund her future. The second Naga sculpture, the one carved from stone, would form the centrepiece of the installation and a new sculpture would be commissioned of the child Cirilli standing defiantly against the Naga’s gaze. Zakarias said he would see what could be done, I told him I would draw the plans by the morning when I saw reluctance in the official’s eye about my design. The Mayor has agreed to have our gems and jewelry appraised on his honor’s coin. Major Ormond also has explained that Orlane will be hosting a feast in our name for our part in the destruction of the Naga’s Cult. I am to meet with the money lender within the hour. I am finding it difficult to find the restraint to allow my alter ego the full credit for our heroic task. On a personal note, I am relieved that it would appear we are not to be charge with any wrongful deaths, thefts, break-ins, or assaults that may or may not have occurred during our stay.

(Thom’s numbers on the appraisal)

(Thom’s illustration of two young nude females in a large bed)

Day 48 Orlane, Sleeping Serpent Inn – Mourning
Godsday the 18th of Flocktime (Walpurgis Day)

Now that is how you properly reward a hero. My lovely sweet lasses Sybbyl and Hildegard have gone back to bed, asleep in each others arms. Granted it was a late night and the pair do not share the endurance of an adventure. Sybbyl and Hildegard did manage to stay awake long enough to allow me to finish their portrait in the morning light. Sybbyl is pale of hair with long wisps of fire between her legs, her breasts are large with nipples barely darker then her skin. Hildegard hair is brown and curly, she is skinny with freckled skin, her breast barely fill the palm but are firm and responsive. She definitely has the moxy to compensate for any allegations of lacking alluring features, I do believe it was her idea our trio retire as a group. Last night the town honored my travelers and myself with the title of Protectors of Orlane, except Lyssa bowed out and I choose to receive the title as The Dim Razor. We ate our fill of food at the Sleeping Serpent Inn, some of us drank hard, others not at all. I mostly played drums, drinking only when i needed to feel merry, a part of me wants to savior our success and keep the memory in my mind’s eye. Grum made off with a farmer’s boy either to liberate the lads confusion of identity or ruin his idea of heroes forever. I must not dally on about my brother I still have blade forms on top of spell research to do before we broker the supplies necessary for our journey back to Greyhawk. Some of us are very eager to return home, some are wishing to set out immediately.

Day 47 Orlane

Day 49 Road to HookhIll Journey home to Greyhawk

Day 56 The Wizard Near Hookhill

Day 56 Greyhawk

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